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There are many ways to create and enhance the ambiance in your home or business, especially by displaying the beauty of natural stone.
Eash Stoneworks is committed to producing your natural stone with the elegance and quality you will value for years to come.


Our quality craftsmen are continually increasing their skills to provide a superior blend in fabrication and installation.
This brings you natural stone countertops, fireplaces and other fine hand-finished products, all with a value, quality and class that is hard to surpass.

Product Info
The custom fabrication and installation of each Eash Stoneworks project includes paying attention to the small but important details.  Consider a few examples of the Eash Stoneworks difference.
Edge Detail Vein Detail Epoxy Detail
A finished edge should be  expected.  Every edge of the project is done to the customer‘s specifications. Following the grain of the stone through an angled edge gives a consistent look to the finished product. Matching the color of the epoxy to the product gives an almost invisible look to a fabricated edge.
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