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Eash Stoneworks Countertops and Fireplace Mantels

Marble Countertops

Artisans, architects and designers alike have long turned to the beauty of marble to provide them the elegance and drama they demand for their masterpieces. Whether it’s used in classic cathedrals or contemporary kitchens, marble’s mix of unique veining and its hallmark white-­based hues affords any environment with instant sophistication.


A form of limestone transformed through the heat and pressure of metamorphism into a dense, variously colored, crystallized rock, marble is coveted for the uniquely elegant surface it provides.


And at Eash Stoneworks you’ll get the precise pattern you want for your project.

whitish grey marble countertop slab

Beautify your home with marble

Possibly the most popular room in your home. Explore kitchen countertops and more.

Bathrooms are a space for relaxation.

Get inspired and have that welcoming bathroom of your dreams.

A warm cozy fire complemented with granite or marble? Why not.

Stone is not limited to just countertops and floors. See our accessory ideas to fuel yours. 

Ready to start your project?

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