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Eash Stoneworks Countertops and Fireplace Mantels

Soapstone Countertops

When it comes to natural stone countertops, there are more options out there than just marble and granite. If you love the dark beauty of granite and the light veining of marble, consider soapstone instead.


Soapstone doesn't stain, although it will naturally darken with use. Since soapstone is inert and non-porous, it doesn't need to be sealed, although it's sometimes treated with mineral oil to achieve a dark, even appearance.

Unlike marble, soapstone is impervious to acids like lemon juice and red wine. It's also heat resistant. You can place hot pots and pans taken directly out of the oven, or stove, and place them directly onto the countertop. Placing cakes, pies, and cookies on the stone surface helps them cool quickly and evenly.

closeup of soapstone material used in co

Soapstone: A combo of granite and marble

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